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What's in a workshop?

1. Benefits of Lucia N°03

Explanations of reported benefits such as better mood, more productivity, more stamina, which are essential at work.

2. Substance-free Therapy

Understanding Lucia #3 and its flickering blue & yellow lights in set sequences. Zero chemicals, 100% meditation.

3. Team-building Exercises

Lucia N°03 can be used safely in any space and setting—easy to integrate this therapy at your workplace.

Corporate & Private

Each workshop can be privately booked and it is designed to better explain what the hypnagogic light can do for you. We promote a safe & substance-free environment.

Lucia #3 Light inside a circle

Light Meditation Sessions

Experience the Lucia N°03 Light therapy in a group setting of up to four per session.

Lucia N3 Light inside a circle

Integration Exercises

Maximizing the benefits of the light meditation along with guidance.

Lucia N°03 Light inside a circle

A Social Experience

Meet and have deep conversations with other people shifting their lives.

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Lucia N°03 Lamp Light Hypnagogic

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