Transformational Light Meditation

Journey into the light with Lucia N°03

Main Benefits

Light therapy has a significant impact on your brain's neuroplasticity and acts as an entertainment tool for the mind to create the foundation needed for deeper personal transformation.

Stress Relief

Thanks to the Lucia-induced meditation you can achieve inner peace in every single session.

Mental Focus

The combination of light, stillness and meditation will stimulate your pineal gland for more clarity.

Feeling of Joy

By removing your mind from scattered thinking you will feel a deep sense of joy and happiness.

Increased Intuition

As the mind relaxes, our brain allows deeper thoughts that can improve your decision-making abilities

Improved Sleep

Each treatment will make you feel more relaxed and improve your quality of sleep over time.

More Creativity

Light and colour will splash your mind with creative ways of solving obstacles in your daily life.

The hypnagogic light in Lucia N°03 opens up new paths that provide profound clarity and self-awareness.

Types of Sessions

Experience the wonder, beauty and transformative potential of deep self-exploration, activated by sessions under the Lucia N°03 hypnagogic lamp. Follow the light, unlock your imagination and embrace the journey into Self.

Light Meditation

Individual & Group Sessions

Workshops & Events

Corporate & Private

Integration Coaching

Deep Transformational Work

What others are saying!

The Lucia Light was one of the most relaxing and deepest meditation I have ever had! I felt very comfortable, and enjoyed the Lucia Light Meditation under Jamison's guidance. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I truly recommend it.

John Holland


Psychic Medium, Author, & Teacher

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