Meet the Team

Carrie's creative side as a singer/song-writer, writer, performer and poet has given her a unique edgewhen working with creatives of all genres be they executives, entrepreneurs or in the arts andentertainment world. A graduate of Concordia University's Certified Professional and PersonalCoaching program (PPCC) specializing in Creativity Coaching, she is also a Certified TransformationalRecovery Coach with Being True To You (BTTY Senior Coach) with a specialty in psycho-spiritualEntheogenic Integration and Addiction. Currently Carrie is enrolled in the Integration Harm ReductionPsychotherapy Certificate Program, (graduating in April 2018) at The Center For Optimal Living in NYC.


Jamison’s passion for self exploration and pushing the boundaries of humanconsciousness has led him on his most fulfilling adventure to date as a ‘digital shaman’and founder of Lighthouse Imaginarium. In his work with the Lucia No3 he doesn’tconsider himself a healer, but rather a guide holding space for others to experience thebeauty and profound effect that focusing attention and awareness inward can have.Since it’s inception in 2016 Lighthouse has made its mission to be of service tohumanity by empowering clients to transform their own lives and in turn contributingtoward a kinder and more compassionate culture for all.